Atlanta Home Prices October 2017

Housing Market News

Atlanta home prices have increased over 9.5% this past year. The demand for housing in the Metro Atlanta area continues to climb. Atlanta is currently ranked in the top 20 metro areas for price increases according to the S&P/Case-Shiller House Price Index. Additionally, based on Zillow, Atlanta home prices will rise another 5.6% next year based on market trends. Expansion is always very exciting and the future of the Metro Atlanta area is bright!

Atlanta Housing News

Current Challenges

Though mortgage rates are currently steady, the Atlanta housing market faces its own issues. The demand for housing is high, but inventory is low. All around us, trees are being cut down, builders are pulling permits and new construction homes are on the rise. Since land values are currently high, new construction homes and townhomes range greatly in price.

A booming local economy with technology companies relocating to the Metro Atlanta, have much to contribute to these challenges. Further, the demand is higher than the supply and rent is climbing. Cash sales are closing quickly and sellers often receive multiple offers from which to choose.

Therefore, it is ever more imperative to have the right real estate team representing the needs of buyers and sellers to ensure a smooth transaction. Contract negotiations and new laws make it necessary to have knowledge and experience on your side. This is exactly what makes the McAlister Home Group the right team to represent your needs! With over 40 years combined experience, the utmost level of professionalism, expert market knowledge and a network of extensive contacts, we take the stress off our clients when working with them to buy and sell their home.

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" The days of easily finding a house you love, writing a contract, and showing up to the attorney’s office for a few minutes are over. The regulations and hoops we not only have to jump through, but jump through in a coordinated, sequential manner is now the norm. I’ve seen the McAlister Home Group perform flawless in very, very tough situations where I know most realtors would fail. ” (Buyer/Seller Testimonial)

Additional reviews can be found on the McAlister Home Group website. Bookmark the McAlister Home Group blog and check back regularly for articles.

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