Neighborhoods in Atlanta You Should Consider

Thinking about moving? Atlanta is a fantastic place to live and – despite COVID-19 – the Atlanta housing market is currently doing well. What’s more, the city offers a wide range of diverse neighborhoods for you to choose from. Here are just three neighborhoods you might wish to consider. You should also check out our full list of Atlanta communities here.

All average home prices listed are from Jacqueline DeMarco’s MSN article: Atlanta housing market: Trends & prices

Midtown, Atlanta skyline with a beautiful lake and towering buildings.


Welcome to the South’s first “EcoDistrict” where residents are committed to keeping the environment healthy and the economy strong. Midtown has a diverse mix of land uses and a ton of greenery, as well as great transit options. You can easily get to the commercial and financial district of Downtown, or check out the many museums and theaters that make Midtown a cultural hot spot. Nature lovers will also want to visit Piedmont Park and the Botanical Garden.

Average home price: $313,000
Average price per square foot: $356

Buckhead Atlanta lit up at night.
Buckhead Atlanta lit up at night.


This is where elegance meets excitement. Buckhead is one of Atlanta’s most important business districts, filled with plenty of parks, museums, and extravagant shopping and dining. It’s also filled with beautiful mansions and mid-century homes, including the famed Swan House. This neighborhood is perfect for someone who loves nightlife and a face-paced lifestyle.

Average home price: $463,000
Average price per square foot: $256

Pedestrians fill the street in the Virginia Highlands Atlanta neighborhood.
Pedestrians fill the street in the Virginia Highlands Atlanta neighborhood.

Virginia Highlands

You’re never too far away from a shop in the Virginia Highlands! This neighborhood has six commercial villages, each separated by short blocks of charming bungalow homes. As Virginia Highlands was developed in the early 1900s, it still has early 20th century architecture for residents to admire in addition to its more modern buildings. Its diversity and charm make this neighborhood a popular place to live.

Average home price: $394,000
Average price per square foot: $323

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