Energy Savings Tips for Your Water Heating Bill

Water Conservation

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Monthly utility bills can increase and decrease with changing temperatures, especially your water heating bill. When the cooler temperatures set in, taking a longer hot shower to increasing the temperature of the water heater can all add to higher monthly bills. Some basic steps to watch usage, control temperature, improve insulation and quick maintenance can lower overall cost. The McAlister Home Group has complied a list of energy savings tips for your water heating bill.

Water Heating Bill Energy Savings Tips

1) Reducing the length and time in the shower are great ways to cut water use and the cost to heat hot showers.

2) Set the thermostat to a consistent temperature. For example, 120°F is a recommended standard for electric and gas water heaters by Per a study conducted, for every 10ºF reduction in temperature, you can save from 3%–5% on your water heating costs.

3) Wrap your electric or gas water heater in an insulating blanket. Be sure not to cover the thermostat and check manufacturer's instructions for complete information.

4) Install a timer, if the electric unit allows, to heat water only when you need it. Timers are not recommended for traditional gas water heaters. This is also a benefit some tankless water heaters may have.

5) Use cold water to wash laundry loads unless garments specificly require warm or hot water.

6) Run the dishwasher when it is completely full to maximize water usage and heat.

7) Insulate your pipes under your faucet in the kitchen, bathrooms and where possible to save energy.

8) Install low flow toilet and shower fixtures. Newer fixtures are more efficient when it comes to water conservation.

9) When it comes time to replace your dishwasher, laundry washing machine or water heater, consider energy star appliances or ones that have been tested for added energy efficiency.

10) Fix leaky faucets and toilets that may be running water. The smallest leak can add up to significant water loss over time.

Reduce Water Heating Bills to Save Money

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