Host a Stress Free Holiday Party!

Exciting Holiday Party!

STOP!!! Don’t Pull Your Hair Out!!

The Holidays are here and with that comes parties and spirited gatherings. It is your turn to host this year! Remain calm and breathe. Host a stress free Holiday party with these fabulous tips from the McAlister Home Group. Keep yourself collected and prepare in advance. Your guests will be truly amazed.

Ideas for a Stress Free Holiday Party

  1. Sit down, collect your thoughts and start making a list. Be sure to include the number of people you expect, any dietary restrictions and a theme for decorations, if you plan to have one. Put together a list of appetizers, finger foods and main courses as well as drinks or other beverages. Asking friends and family to bring an item or assigning responsibilities to other members of the house may be a great idea. The whole point of the Holidays is to spend quality time with family and friends.
  2. When heading out to purchase items on your list, buy enough and even extra so you do not fall short. Prepare certain food items in advance if possible. Put together decorations and place settings and store everything in a box. The more that can be done prior to the party, the less overwhelmed you will feel as you mark off completed tasks from your list.
  3. Clean the main areas where the party will be hosted. It is alright if your home is not spotless. When hosting a party, we sometimes move around furniture and remove extra items for added space. Store away what you want and close the doors for rooms where you would not like guests to enter.
  4. Each guest does not require a place setting. The thrill of the Holidays is filled with happiness and laughter. If space is limited, setup a serving area for food and drinks. People can mingle and socialize while holding their plates. You may even have some side tables throughout for placing drinks.
  5. It you plan to hand out party gifts or favors, keep a few extra on-hand. Be prepared for unexpected guests. No need to stress.
  6. Create a magical ambience. Figure out how the lighting should look and music to play. Test everything out in advance, especially the sound system.

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