Which Home Improvements Have Higher Returns?

2018 Trends

Real estate trends may change yearly and sellers are always looking to come out on top. One thing for certain is that while some home improvements increase the value of a home, others may not. It is important to know the latest trends for 2018 to ensure that money is spent wisely and the cost for projects is recouped when reselling.

Based on Remodeling Magazine's latest "Cost vs. Value" report, an itemized list of home improvement projects have been published. The list show which projects have a higher chance of recouping money invested. This can allow homeowners to better understand which fixes or renovations take priority.

For example, garage door replacement and manufactured stone veneer home improvements have higher recoup values. In essence, curb appeal brings in great return on investment. Click here to view a full list of projects and cost vs. value.

Which home improvements take priority?

What to Consider

Before making the decision to start home improvement projects and renovations, ask yourself these essential questions to determine if the financial investment makes sense.

  1. What home improvements can I make to maximize resale value?
  2. Am I planning to sell my home within the year?
  3. Are these improvements something I personally desire?
  4. Are the designs and colors schemes simply my taste or will it be appealing to buyers?
  5. Do essential maintenance improvements come first?

Some investments may have a longer time period to recoup value while others are immediate. The length of time you plan to stay in your home or plans to sell your home will dictate what home improvements take precedence. Give us a call and we can guide you through the decision making process.

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