Halloween Safety Tips

It’s That Time of Year Again!

October 31st is almost here and it is important to be vigilant with these Halloween safety tips. The McAlister Home Group has put together a list to help children, young adults, families and friends stay safe. Please take a moment to quickly read through these as some may not be as obvious as others. These Halloween safety tips are also applicable to trunk of treat events and other Halloween activities where pedestrians are walking around. Last but not least, have a safe and wonderful Halloween!

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Halloween Safety Tips

1. Walk Safely and Be Alert to Your Surrounding.

In this day of texting and selfies, remember to put away those electronic devices when crossing the street and watching little ones. Anything can happen in a quick second!

Halloween is exciting and children may be running around with the thrill of receiving candy. Ask children to walk so that they do not run into other kids.

Advise young children to hold an adult or guardian’s hand when crossing the street.

Be sure to walk on the sidewalk or other paved paths and look out for cars.

If a house does not have any lights on, they may not be participating in Halloween or may have run out of candy. It is always wise to avoid a dark, unlite home.

2. Trick or Treat with an Adult or Friend

For young children, supervision is imperative. Children under 12 should not be alone at night.

If over the age of 12 and have received permission from a parent or guardian to trick or treat without supervision, bring a friend along. Groups of 2 or more are a safer combination in the event of any emergency where one person can go for help.

3. Wear Safe and Creative Costumes

Make sure costumes are the proper size and length to avoid tripping or falling when walking.

Regardless of masks or makeup worn, be sure that the eyes are not fully covered and vision is not obstructed. Children, teenagers and adults must be able to see clearly!

Try to choose light colors so costumes can be easily spotted at night.

Use reflective tape/devices or carry glow sticks if you are wearing dark colors so that drivers can easily spot you.

4. Drive Carefully and be Especially Observant in Neighborhoods

Halloween is filled with scampering children buzzing with excitement. They may not be paying attention as closely when crossing roads.

As a cautious and safe driver, reduce you speed significantly when driving through neighborhoods. Take extra time to look for kids at curbs and cross walks as pedestrian traffic will be heavy.

Enter and exit driveways carefully. When backing out, be aware that kids in darker costumes may not be as easy to spot. If possible, have someone guide you when pulling out.

Kids begin trick or treating as early as 5:30pm and end as late as 9:30pm, especially if Halloween happens to fall on a weekend. Be extra cautious of pedestrians during these hours if you are driving.

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