Things to do with Leftover Halloween Candy

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Candy, Candy and More Candy!

Halloween is finally here but with tons of candy comes the dreaded question, “What can be done with leftover Halloween candy?” Many people participate in a variety of Halloween events through October 31st . As a result, a massive amount of candy may be collected. Yes, enjoying the candy is absolutely delicious, however, a balance needs to be found as too much sugar for children or adults is never wise. Here are suggestions from the McAlisterHomeGroup on things to do with leftover Halloween candy.

Too Much Halloween Candy!


  1. Chocolate candy can add additional flavor to freshly baked cookies. M&Ms, Snickers and Hershey bar are delicious options.
  2. Freeze your candy. Some candy can taste great in homemade ice creams and milk shakes.
  3. Create a balanced snack. Mixing candy with granola, nuts and yogurt can make healthy snacks fun.
  4. Donate the candy. Many local schools or organizations will gladly welcome extra candy. Some of these organizations put together care baskets for Thanksgiving and Holiday dinners.
  5. Create a gingerbread house. Use the candy to decorate for the Holiday spirit and other crafts!
  6. Take the candy to work. Place the candy in bowls near the coffee maker, on your desk or take it to a meeting. Co-workers will thank you.
  7. Send it overseas. Certain charities and foundations send gifts to our troops overseas and candy from home is always a great treat!
  8. Use the candy for a Holiday party. If you are throwing a Holiday party, favor boxes with candy will be a great take away. You can also give some to a friend who may be hosting a party as well.

Of course, you can always decide to keep it all and snack on it over the next few weeks. With so many wonderful suggestions, we are sure you will find the perfect option for your leftover Halloween candy.

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