The Best Plants to Grow in Your Georgia Garden

Not sure which flowers or trees will thrive in Georgia’s climate? Looking for something easy to care for? We’ve compiled a list of various plants to consider adding to your garden or yard.

A pink peony.
A pink peony.


Let’s start with the obvious: Peonies are gorgeous, making them one of the most popular flowers. But did you know they’re also easy to grow?┬áPeonies are pretty low-maintenance and can live for many years. They’re not too picky when it comes to climate, though most do like to be planted where there is direct sunlight. They also don’t need a lot of water; in fact, over-watering will hurt them. Peonies make a great addition to any garden.


Don’t have a green thumb when it comes to plants? We’ve got just the thing from you! Aside from smelling good and coming in beautiful colors, Lavender is also a very sturdy plant. It’s pretty hard to kill and is even deer-resistant, making it a fairly stress-free plant to take care of.

A monarch butterfly lands on butterfly weed.
A monarch butterfly lands on butterfly weed.

Butterfly weed

Don’t worry, this 2-4 feet tall plant is not actually a weed. Butterfly weed has bright orange blossoms that attract (you guessed it) butterflies as well as hummingbirds. In fact, it’s the main source of food for Monarch butterfly caterpillars. Butterfly weed also thrives in dry, sunny areas, so make sure it’s planted in the sunniest spot in your garden!

American Yellowwood

We can’t talk about Georgia without mentioning the American yellowwood. This 30-50 feet tall tree is native to Georgia, and is a stunning sight in late spring. When in full bloom, clusters of white flowers will hang down from the branches. The American yellowwood enjoys sun and is drought-tolerant, and provides plenty of shade to you and any other nearby plants.

“Yoshino” Japanese Cedar

The “Yoshino” Japanese Cedar is smaller than the American yellowwood; it only reaches 20-30 feet tall. So if you have a smaller garden, this might be the tree for you. This tree grows quickly, does well in both sun and shade, and requires little to no pruning. You can also plant multiple cedar trees to create a hedge, providing you privacy from your neighbors.

A white flower blooms on a Little Gem tree.
A white flower blooms on a Little Gem tree.

“Little Gem”

It’s official name is Magnolia grandiflora, but here in Georgia, we just call it “Little Gem.” This tree is the epitome of southern charm with its small, white flowers that bloom between mid-spring and summer. Smaller than a normal southern magnolia (reaching only 20 feet tall), Little Gem can be planted in partial or full sun and prefers moist, acidic soil. It will certainly be the masterpiece in your garden or yard.

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