Repairing or Replacing the Roof over Your Head

A new rooftop

It’s not just enough to have a roof over your head; you also need to make sure that your roof is sturdy and able to keep you safe. Not sure whether to repair your roof or get a new one? We’re here to help! Read the following tips to see what route you should take.

Repairing Your Roof

If your roof has minor damage, damage in only one specific area or was recently replaced, you may want to just get it repaired. It will save you a lot of money, and will still be effective. Areas damaged by weather or falling tree branches, for example, can be fixed fairly easily and inexpensively by replacing the shingles.

If there is more extensive damage localized in just one section of the roof, you can reroof just that section, thereby potentially saving you thousands of dollars. One word of advice: If possible, try to get your new shingles or section to match with the original roof. It will make selling your house much easier if the roof doesn’t look all patched up.

If You Reroof…

If you decide to reroof a section of your house, you’ll also need to consider whether to install the new roof over the old one or to remove the old roof completely. Just adding the new roof over the old one might seem like the easiest and cheapest route, but keep in mind: The International Residential Code states one cannot install a new roof over two or more layers roof covering. If this is the case or if part of the current roof is severely damaged, you should remove the old roof and add the new one afterwards.

A New Roof

Has your current roof already reached its sell-by date? Is a large part of it severely damaged or not compliant with any building codes? If you answered yes to any of these, then it’s time to say “Goodbye” to the old roof and “Hello” to a brand new one. Getting an entire new roof is expensive, but if you find a trustworthy and skilled company or crew, it will definitely be worth it. Having a new roof with a long life expectancy saves you on both stress and money as you won’t have to keep repairing it so often.

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