Turn Your Bedroom into Your Sanctuary


We know, we know… It’s tough figuring out how to redecorate and reorganize a room, let alone finding the time and energy to actually do it. But trust us: when it comes to your bedroom, it’s worth it. Your bedroom is your sanctuary; it’s a place for you reflect and wind down from a long day. Check out these tips on the best ways to turn your room into the safe haven you deserve!

Your Bedroom is for Bed

You may have noticed that your bedroom actually serves as multiple rooms: an office for your work, a gym with your workout equipment, a storage unit for all your clutter… As a result, you may find you have trouble sleeping. Rather than go straight to bed, you may be tempted to check your emails on your work laptop or spend time debating whether you should do tomorrow’s workout early in the morning or late in the evening. Your bedroom should be for one thing: bed. If possible, move these distracting objects to another room or at least put them away in a drawer or closet so you don’t see them.

As for clutter, find a way to organize your items so they’re not scattered around. Keeping your belongings organized and tidy makes your room seem larger, helps you find things easier and lowers your stress level. You may also find that you don’t even need or want some of the items in your room, in which case you can throw or give them away to add even more space to your bedroom.

Color Swatches
Color Swatches

Choosing a Color

Thinking about repainting your room? Make sure to choose wisely when selecting a color! If you’re looking for something peaceful and calming, you should definitely go for a neutral or pastel color such as gray, cream or light blue. These colors are easy on the eyes and tend not to clash with the rest of the room’s décor. They’ll also give your room a chic and modern look.

If you’re someone who absolutely loves bold colors, not to worry! There are plenty of ways to add a splash of color to your bedroom. If you have a smaller room, you may wish to have an accent wall and keep the remaining walls white or another neutral color. This will ensure the room doesn’t look too overwhelming. You can also choose to have bold-colored furniture and accessories instead, which will definitely pop against a neutral-colored room!

Let There Be Light!

Having good lighting is key for any room. Make sure your room isn’t too bright, though, or you might end up giving yourself a headache! Lower watt bulbs and light dimmers are a great way to ensure you don’t hurt your eyes. You can also get desk lamps if you only need to light one area of your room. And of course, accent lighting is a wonderful way to calm down right before bed.

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